Consultation Timeshare Options


I offer a full presentation and analysis of your holiday requirements to ensure you select the best option for your particular needs.

Each family has different requirements, and there are so many options available when choosing to own timeshare, it’s really best to take a broad look at what’s available out there as oppose to spending loads of money only to find the system you have purchased,  is not suitable for your particular requirements as you
“thought it was different” OR “you didn’t quite understand the system”.

One needs to bear in mind that the person “selling” to you will give you ONE option only, and that is the one they’re selling – it “may” or “may not” be the best for you. How will you know what would suit you best if you only know about one or even 2 systems available?

My fee for a totally independent consultation is R750 for 90 minutes and will give you the pro’s and con’s of the various timeshare options available on the market. This will indeed give you an insight as to the purchase most suited to your requirements.  Rather select this option before making costly errors which you will inevitably regret, and will find extremely difficult, if not impossible to reverse!

Your timeshare questions answered in one practical meeting!

Message or what’s app me directly to book your required appointment time.
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