Vacation rentals SA is a niche operator in the South African tourism space. We focus on popular holiday destinations in South Africa, including Sun City Vacation Club. Our resorts consist of upmarket, luxury, self-catering units, perfectly suited to families and groups of friends. It is a compelling choice for those who would prefer the luxury of a spacious home-away-from-home environment with extensive facilities, including restaurants. Resorts in our portfolio have been carefully targeted to provide remarkable services, luxury accommodation, compelling locations and extensive facilities. Most have a rating of 4* plus.

Our lead consultant is Robyn who has more than 30 years experience in the international vacation industry. She has successfully closed thousands of weeks to happy owners. Robyn’s success is reflected in the continued referrals she receives from her client base. This underscores the excellent service and care she provides to her clients. Robyn believes that luxury self-catering accommodation is the optimal vacation choice.

The main advantages timeshare has over hotels include:
more spacious accommodation with private lounge, dining room and fully equipped kitchen; better value for money;
Broader spectrum of facilities.

Robyn has sold Sun International timeshare for 18 years. Prior to this, she sold for Stocks Leisure. Her work included the selection of resorts both in S.A. and internationally for private clients. During her tenure in the timesharing industry, Robyn solidified her experience both in operational management and marketing.
Accordingly she avails herself to clients by providing independent consultancy services. This entails an expert feasibility report on the pros and cons of their potential investment in timesharing, a critical step to identify risks in the decision making process.

Additionally, Robyn is able to provide after sales support and consultancy where hidden potential gains can be realized in a timeshare purchase.

These on-demand consultancy services have become compelling choices for both buyers and sellers in the timesharing industry.


As we offer accommodation within the country’s top resorts, availability and pricing is subject to change – we confirm bookings prior to invoicing you.
With 30 years in the industry, we strive to deliver prompt and efficient service.
We thank you for entrusting your business with us and hope we are able to assist in sending you and your loved one’s on an unforgettable holiday now and in the future!
Once you are ready to make your booking, is the best time to check availability. It’s best to message me directly.
If there is a reference next to the booking please use it. When responding, please quote the price advertised. (Ref. next to unit is for office use only).
Please email robyn@suncitytimeshare.co.za for your rental booking. For a quicker response, feel free to message me: 083 777 8908 – Robyn.
We charge a standard booking fee of between R199 and R399 on bookings.
Please note we work 7 days a week and respond as soon as we are able to!